Information about MorganAlley Ltd as an organisation

The "About Us" Page

MorganAlley, Ltd is a privately-held, limited company headquartered in London, England. It is completely debt-free and is internally financed. Its shares do not trade on the open market and there are no plans for change to this in the near future. Its purpose is to provide online and/or Internet-connected services and goods to make your web presence effective and help you to get a return on the investment you've made.

MorganAlley's people bring three decades of experience with websites and the Internet. We have done website work for two investment banks in the City of London, for large multi-national retailers, manufacturers and for global household names including CNN, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft.

We have a passion for the issues surrounding websites, the Internet and small businesses. Our vision is to provide useful websites that give competitive advantage but are affordable for the small business. We do this through the intelligent application of technology. Our services do what they say they will do and just a little bit more. We know this because we use them ourselves!