Commendable customer service

I got a bounced e-mail notice from a good friend who had tried to alert me to something on one of our sites (and not that our access control was out of control!). The e-mail he sent to us had bounced and he was worried something was up. I sent a couple of test e-mails which worked fine and let him know that everything seemed to be in order and to just re-send.
The next day we got an e-mail from our DNS provider informing us that one of their databases had been corrupted leading to loss of services for a little over an hour. A second e-mail then came in detailing exactly which e-mails had been lost. Sure enough mails from Oograh Boike and two internal mails went awry.
We were fortunate not to have lost critical mails and lost mails from sympathetic senders. But beside this the fact that EasyDNS held their hand up stating they were at fault and what exactly had happened. This is shockingly honest in today's technology world. Compare their reaction with the scathing coverage of Tiscali and Plusnet who lost service and/or loads of customer e-mails recently and the difference in customer service should be obvious. What can't be measured very easily is the little bit of loyalty that accrues when a supplier reacts to a catastrophe in a level-headed and honest manner. We've always had good service from EasyDNS and we now expect to continue to enjoy that for the foreseeable future. Other ISPs and tech companies take note of how to address things correctly when you cock things up.