Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have a copywriter that is a superb wordsmith who can take the text on specific pages of your website and make it much more powerful and directed to the message you wish to convey. We offer this service in 3 forms - a bronze service which is a site analysis report stating what and where your website prose could be improved, a silver service in which we will re-write an agreed portion of your website, and a gold service in which our marketing team will ghost-write content for you, manage your social networking posts and even ghost write blog posts for you as well. Do contact us for further details.

Yes, it can. If you have registered a domain name and are happy managing that yourself in your registrars domain portal we will work with you to set up the DNS A-record to point the domain to the our server where your website will live.
Alternatively, if you don't yet have a domain name, or for whatever reason you want to, or must, move it away from where it is presently, we have our own domain portal where we can manage your domain name for you and take care of all the management and administration necessary on your behalf.

As many as you like. OK, within reason, as many as you like. If you have hundreds of thousands of pages we might need to provision bigger servers, but we don't limit you to a set number of pages or charge you to create pages. We certainly don't charge on a per page basis (it's not the 1990's any more, after all). We provide you with a content management system which allows you to create pages very simply and easily, and to create as many pages as you like, as often as you like.
The system also makes this easy to do - we like to say, "if you can send someone an e-mail, you can create another webpage on your site". Easy peasy, nothing to it. And we'll teach you how to do this.