Design & Build

Image of designer at work on a website design concept

Our sites differ from some forms of traditional web design in several significant ways that benefit you directly: All of our sites can be easily maintained, even by webmasters with minimal technical skills. If you can send an e-mail, you can add a page to your site - easy as that!

Our systems make it easy for webmasters and site owners to add content very quickly and easily. We include website add-ons such as blogs and forums, built in to all of our sites, that are easy to manage and use. This is new to some webmasters but is a good thing because it humanises the site and make's it attractive to search engines.

Our sites are built from the beginning to be easily accessible by people with various disabilities. They are logically arranged so that a person using an accessibility browser will be able to find the content they're looking for quickly and easily. We don't believe people with disabilities should be treated as second class on the sites we put on the Net.

A superb side-effect of building in accessibility the way we do it is that the site structure and content (the fundamentals) are optimised for search engine indexing from the start. This, along with writing good content, are the most important factors in getting good search engine results.

When the time comes for a new look only a couple of files have to change to give the site a completely fresh design and feel. No huge, expensive and risky operations that take months.