Our site marketing services

Image of marketing desk including David Ogily's book, Uber Werbung (Superior Advertising), representing MorganAlley's view on how web promotion and marketing should be done.

Is your website invisible? Can (or really, do) people actually see it? Now this may sound ridiculous (especially if you've just had a quick look at your site just to be sure!) but according to research by Startups.co.uk reported on The Register at least half of small businesses with an online presence are missing out on sales due to a lack of search engine marketing skill.

Most business websites, be they brochure sites or full blown e-commerce superstores, are there to make their owner money. This can be either directly, by selling something on the site, or indirectly by pushing potential customers towards a sale of some sort. Not all are successful. Unfortunately, site owners are caught in a catch-22 situation - it takes a lot of time to learn arcane techniques to become good at knowing what the search engines like to see. On the other hand there are many charlatans out there happy to take your money for useless work, or worse putting your site at risk by using dubious techniques that will eventually get it banned by Google.

We know this; indeed we've seen it happen. MorganAlley believe that old fashioned hard work yields better results. We pay attention to the fundamentals of websites - what gets presented to Google (and other search engines) in which order, making it easy for Google to get the content from the site.

We make sure specific, important bits of content Google is interested in jive with each other.

Other techniques we use inlcude getting the content-to-code ratios right and building the site from the start to incorporate accessibility principles which also have the lovely effect of making your site attractive to search engines.

We then pay a lot of attention to old-fashioned marketing practice - knowing your customer, understanding how they see your product and your website and crafting sites to incorporate these things so that potential customers are drawn right in by what's there.

Does your site do all these? Are you getting the search engine results you want? If not drop us a line; we may be able to help.