The Klinik - Trendiest Hair Styling in Islington

Screenshot of The Klinik, the qualityy hairdressing alon in Exmouth Market

The Klinik just celebrated its 20th birthday this year. Anna Forsling, the owner, has seen the ups and downs of the industry, The City and the area but stuck to her guns and what she knows.

She created a superb business that's trusted by locals and certain celebrities, some of whom travel for quite some ways to have their hair done by "their" hairdresser.

Anna approached several years ago to rebuild her website specifically to make it beautiful but also to get noticed. We tried to reflect the trendy "retro-high tech" look of the salon whilst rocketing her search engine results ot the moon.

Anna follows our content marketing process to the letter and lets the site then do the heavy lifting to get the word out appealing to humans and search engines alike.