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BespokeMe blogger Andrew was a local fellow who was a friend of friends, and shared many of the same haunts we did. When we met, Andrew said he had his blog, but wanted to build a separate site to sell some bits he had commissioned in small quantities. He had been advised linking to the site from his blog would be better for getting search engine attention, and to push traffic there.

We explained that this would have been the ideal strategy in around 2003 but that things had moved on since then. We convinced him it was better to include his blog IN the site itself and let Google do its job. Additionally, we truncated the posts on the old blog site and linked into the new site from there before finally de-commissioning the old site.

The strategy worked a treat and traffic exceeded the old blog's numbers by an order of magnitude.

Andrew has since moved to the USA and (if we aren't mistaken) married a local lass, thus has re-launched the brand and business with local suppliers, support to a local audience. And we wish him all the best!