The new search engine rules - Part 1

Search engines aren't charities; they're there to make money for their shareholders. This is an important point to remember when analyzing how to ago about creating search engine friendly websites.

It's important to note that search engines don't just help people find things, they help people make sense of the web. To do this they run countless routines on the mass of content they have to find relationships between the data points. Once a virtuous algorithmic circle is achieved, adding data points increases accuracy, but does so with increasing returns to scale. In other words, search engines like Google can add to their content data and get better results using fewer processing cycles, and in a shorter amount of time. So....

Rule Number One: Some content is good, more is better and too much is just right! Search engines like content therefore feeding them more is always going to be a winner. Google explicitly likes to see sites that are alive, so the good ole day of five pages and the truth are over. There has to be activity and content being added to your website or it will eventually disappear from search results. At MorganAlley we have proved this empirically with extended internal testing of our hosting base. If you are adding content to your site, and you are making it easy for search engines to index it, they will.

Rule Number Two: Don't add content all at once; drip feed it! Search engines don't take kindly to their results being manipulated, and past behaviour of dodgy "SEO experts" means the quick appearance of hundreds of pieces of content overnight is not viewed benignly. It's not the behaviour of a normal website unless that site is adding hundreds of items a day consistently.